Sick Cells in the Media

We work hard to elevate the voices of sickle cell disease every single day. Each time our message is shared in the media, we celebrate those wins for all of us a community. Check below for some of our media highlights - and come back regularly for updates!


The Washington Post

Valentine, a sickle cell patient, was warned by doctors that he was not likely to make it to 30. That birthday passed without event, and so several more. With drug development and other treatments, outcomes for the vast majority of diseases have improved over the past few decades, yet, life expectancy for sickle cell patients continue to decline.


Why is the road for sufferers of this chronic condition so fraught with obstacles? How does it compare to the way the government, researchers and the medical community handle more mainstream blood disorders. Guest Jenny Gold, Dr. Sohpie Lanzkron, Efa Ahmed-Williams, and Marqus Valentine discuss why you don't hear much about sickle cell anymore.


Sam Rodgers-Melnick, Music Therapist for University Hospitals in Washington, DC shares his passion for music with sickle cell patients to help them cope with pain, anxiety, and memorizing important health messages from nurses.

Kaiser News Network

Ashley Valentine, co-founder and president of Sick Cells, writes a letter to the editor, featured in Kaiser Health News. There, she shares her gratitude for their accurate coverage of disparities for people with sickle cell disease, and shares on the disease affected Marqus.


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