Marqus Valentine, Co-Founder


It all started when...

Marqus Valentine, Co-Founder of Sick Cells, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia Hgb SS at 6 months old. As a child, he has had a tough time managing the disease and spent countless weeks hospitalized with chronic pain and strokes. Marqus persevered his rough childhood. Now at 33 years old he loves to share his story and help educate others.

Marqus serves on the Board of Directors and attends many media relations events for the Sick Cells organization. Marqus has worked tirelessly to build a community around the sickle cell disease and to unit the affect voices to increase awareness and impact. 

The Sick Cells team and Marqus seek to elevate the voice of everyone in the sickle cell disease community. Together, they thought the best way to do this way through the use of a documentary...Enjoy the short film.


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