"I am 55. I have SS. From sickle cell disease I have had Hodgkin's disease, and I battled that for about three years. Took chemotherapy for that. I've had a total right hip replacement, in need of a left hip now. I've had my right hip for about 20 years. I now am battling bladder cancer. I am taking immunotherapy. I've had a stroke, but I'm still here. I'm still doing what I can.

I want people that don't have sickle cell to be more aware of sickle cell and be a bit more cautious, a little bit more helpful, a little bit more resourceful. Just help those that do have it, and that's with any disease. A lot of diseases and things are not physical, people can't see them, but it doesn't mean that they don't exist. 

If you do have sickle cell, don't shy away from what you have. Don't seclude yourself; talk about it. Talk about it with people, talk about it with your doctors. Be upfront and honest with them about everything because it's so important." Sharon, 55 years old, SCD hgb ss


"I've been battling bladder cancer, and today I just found out from my doctor, on site here, that I just made groundbreaking history. I am the first African American woman with sickle cell, that has had multiple cancer, that now has taken treatment for cancer, and it has been a positive effect on my sickle cell as well as the cancer. So I've broken ground for those that are coming after me." - Sharon, 55 years old, SCD hgb ss