"Sickle cell disease is like a full time life, full time child. Under my Bachelor's degree I got sick a lot. I had to miss a lot of school some classes. I had to drop a lot of classes before I knew that accommodations were available to me through the access and abilities services.

Once I got involved with the office and their program, I was allowed to have extended time for my tests [and] excused absences when I was in the hospital instead of dropping the class.

Now in my Master's I'm able to take an incomplete and take my time to complete the class instead of having to drop it, so I can just catch up from wherever I left off." - Ronicia, 27 years old, SCD hgb ss#FacesOfSCD #SickCells #BackToSchool #Fall

"My idea of a cure is that it won't discriminate. It doesn't matter if you have SS, SC, S beta thalassemia, if you've been in a hospital one time, or if you've been in a hospital hundreds of times. It shouldn't matter - the severity of your illness." - Ronicia, student living with sickle cell disease #FacesofSCD #SickCells #Hope #SickleCellDisease