I've had acute chest syndrome and like, where it damaged my lungs a little bit. And I had to get my gallbladder taken out because of it, but other than that, I just have the normal sickle cell problems that come with it.

Well, when I was in school, my sickle cell made me miss a lot of days, like when I was a little kid. Then, when I was actually in college, I would have to get extensions and stuff when I was sick. I basically would try to do stuff ahead of time because I never knew when I would get sick. My little saying, sickle cell can't stop me.” - Nesha, age 31, SCD, hgb sc.

That's actually what I talk about a lot on my YouTube channel, Nesha's Life. Basically, how to still live a life, go on vacation with my family, go out with my thing is, sickle cell can't stop might slow me down a little bit. I still push through and do everything.

What I tell everyone with sickle cell is that they're strong and God ... You have sickle cell for a reason. If you weren't strong enough to handle it, then you wouldn't have it. But we're strong enough to handle it”

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