"My oldest son went to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and Marqus wanted to go as well. They all played instruments. The camp was in Michigan, outdoors, lots of fresh air, but they had never had a camper with sickle cell disease attend.

Problem solved! At the time, I was an ER nurse and had the certifications to be camp nurse. I applied and they hired me! Not only did they all get to attend camp, we got a discount too. Even Ashley went, even though she was too young, because I was nurse. It really worked out.

And when Marqus had a crisis at camp, I was there. We had a smooth transport to the hospital for him and another kid, who happened to have appendicitis!

It was all in a days works except Marqus had the chance to be like his siblings, meet new friends, play his violin, and spend two weeks at a summer camp that had never heard of sickle cell before.

Honestly running the 'Healthy Lodge' was one of the best nursing jobs I've ever had."

- Fran Valentine, MSN, RN, and Marqus' mom.