“How can I say this and be nice? For Blacks, we don't well with clinical trials because of Tuskegee. They lied and told us they was giving us one thing and was giving us something else. It gave a bunch of Black people syphilis and all kind of diseases and stuff. That's gonna be a hard nut to crack because they deceived us once. Fool me once, it's on me. No. Fool me once. Fool me twice, it's on me.” - Dennis, 61, SS

There is a cure, but everybody can't afford it, and everybody ain't medically ready for it, or everybody ain't got the family structure to take it on. They got a stem cell, but you gotta have a medical match. A parent. Usually a parental match, but they're going now to sister brother match. It's still improving, but for it to be 100 year old disease, it's kinda slow.”