Attended the DC Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5K on behalf of her daughter, Kiara Vann, sickle cell

"I have trait. [My daughter] is on a medical leave of absence from graduate school. It actually is due to her hospitalizations. Because she lost time. They're saying that she is not progressing. They have petitioned that she not even bother to return. She has been appealing that.

They're saying that some of her demeanor is less than professional because she doesn't dress professionally. She dresses professionally but she wears a coat. She gets cold all the time so she constantly wears a coat. She doesn't disclose her disability to everyone. 

In school, they finally have gotten on board, and they allow her to have a ceramic heater and put a fleece over her. Now they understand, but there are times when she's on her medications, and they noted it falsely. She'll close her eyes and sit there and they'll say she's not engaged in class. It's been...that's why we're trying to spread awareness."