"I’m here in honor of Lisa Mobley. She was my childhood best friend. We were cousins. I would go visit her every summer. She could never really make it here to DC, so I would go down to visit her. Early on I realized what a dreadful disease it was, how painful it was for those persons to suffer. 

Very early on I realized that I wanted to do everything I could to bring awareness and see how we can raise money to find a cure for Lisa."

"I wish that people just actually knew of the hardships, the physical hardships that it had. I think that we would be more conscious of it and more aware of it and more empathetic. Literally, I watched my cousin as a ten, eleven year old girl. She couldn’t do the simple things like go to the pool with us. If I could do anything, again by faith, [it would be] what you guys do with Sick Cells. 

It’s awesome that you’re putting a face on it. To make people more aware of what’s going on and again sharing an actual person who is impacted by it. You can hear about it, but you don’t see until you see that ten-year-old who can’t go to school because they have been sick."