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"SCD has taught me to be strong and fight against the disease. It has shaped me to be educated on sickle cell and learn as many things as I can about my illness in order to communicate to my healthcare professionals my symptoms. It has really taught me to speak my mind about how I am feeling because if I do not, my life can be in a serious situation."

"What gives me hope for sickle cell disease is that one day we can find a cure with our efforts of advocating. It is important that we speak up and get the respect, that we as sickle cell patients, deserve. It gives me hope to see that many people are advocating for sickle cell disease, and getting their stories out there.”

Jazmine is pictured with her family. Her parents and brother are all sickle cell carriers.

jazmine, sick cells, sickle cells

“SCD affected my schooling because I had to miss countless days. I missed participation activities, field trips, and as I grew older, even deadlines for assignments. To overcome the unpredictability of sickle cell disease, I worked with university’s disability support service (DSS) center on campus. If I get sick and cannot take an exam, professors will reschedule the exam for me to take at the DSS.”

“I have noticed that since I am Latina, the ER doctors are shocked to see that I am a Latina sickle cell patient. Sometimes they do not even believe I have sickle cell and will run tests to prove if I have it or not. Other than that, my regular hematologists have never been biased of my race and have always treated me with respect.”