deanna, sick cells, sickle cells

"I like to read, watch TV, go on social media a little bit. They put me on something for depression because they said I was going through depression, but I try not to take a pill every time I have a little bit of pain. So I just try to tough it out. 

They don't address it. They don't tell you what the medications can do to your teeth. They don't tell you about the bloating in your body. They don't tell you about the depression. 

All they focus on it the pain, so that's why I think some sicklers are addicted to their meds. Because they don't have pain management. They don't have someone to say, 'no, don't take that.’"

"I feel like we're judged when we say we need something for pain. Stop judging us. You can't tell me how much pain i'm in. Just because I'm not crying, you can't tell me I'm not in pain."

"Family is everything. I'm blessed because I have a family that fights for me. Our family, [they] just give us strength."