"I want to say most of the time when I'm in the hospital, a different family member will come and try to bring me doughnuts. If I have to be admitted to the hospital, my mom or my sister and my uncle, he'll come by. Or my cousins usually while I'm in the hospital. My mom will every now and then, she'll call me and ask me, 'okay, i'm going to stop here, do you want me to bring you something?' 

I know once I actually do get out, usually my cousin, he'll pick me up. That's when they'll set a date or a day. They'll schedule a date where everybody will cook a favorite dish that I like, and we have a big family get together. When I get discharged.

"I went to University of Phoenix online, but I want to say while attending online, I did have 2 complications of acute chest syndrome. I had one on Mother's Day. The next one was on Father's Day.

During my finals, I was trying to take my test, and I just couldn't finish my test. I had to rush to the hospital. My mom and dad took me and they brought me here to the ER. I had to get my doctors to talk to my school so I could make up my final because they were trying to fail me at that time. I was a few months away from graduation. 

One of my doctors talked to my counselors at school, and I had the opportunity to retake the final. Once I did the final, they gave me a two week resting period cause I just came out the hospital. They said don't rush to do anything, just take your time and relax. When you feel like you're ready, start."