"Peyton has sickle cell SS, but at age 5, she hasn't really had any complications. She just turned 5. A lot of her hospitalizations have been around fevers. No pain crises. At every school that she's been in, she's been out on occasions having to be hospitalized. Thankfully we've had supportive directors and teachers and students. Her friends are always worried about her, and always praying for her." - Ivy, Peyton's mother.

"I work from home. I telework, five days a week. Although my job is very demanding, I'm able to take my work to the hospital. I'm to work from there, take conference calls. When I need to be offline, they're very supportive. 

I think more companies should look into allowing the workforce, when they have situations like this- caretakers- to be able to be there. That's the overwhelming part. You feel like your job is being compromised. You always have that guilt of you're not doing enough. You never know what's going to happen. Every child is different; every person is different with the disease. Luckily [Petyon] has been, for the most part, excellent." - Ivy, Peyton's mother